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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Can You Create a Payza Account Easily ?

Payza account
Alert pay’s another name Payza. This is very important for every online income workers. So how you will create a Payza account? No tension just following those instructions if you want creates a Payza account. This is very simple and easy. This is a worldwide money transfer method. They will pay to your bank money who’s that money you transfer your Payza account. Or you can transfer and withdraw your money from Payza by your Payza prepaid master card. If you request for this card them authority will send to you this master card on your address. Ok, follow these step by step hints.

1. At first, you click here…CLICK HERE for PAYZA REGISTER

2. Then Click Sign Up.Then Select your country and select Personal Starter or Personal pro if you want the create a personal account. And Business for big Businessman. Not for single or individual.

3.Then fill up this form of the register by real and correctly/Genuine. Not fake because you have the need to submit you National ID card/Passport copy for verified, If you want transaction by this account and want money on your hand or your local bank.

4. And save you all data on your mail draft box for security. Region mean your state or division on there. If you forgot those you will take many problems about withdraw money. Example you have need email,Pin-code,password ,address,Security question etc. Pin-code must Digits and about 6 or 7 digits.Example 123456

5. Then click next step for more information's and you have need save that information also.

6. Then you set Third party information is always no.Then type Captcha and click Final step.

7. At now you have activation your account from your email who is this submitted before your email box of Payza account information's page.

8. The Payza authority must send to you an activation link on your email, So click this link and active your account.

9. If you complete this activation with successfully, You must see a welcome or successfully message on this page.

10. At now you are the owner of a Payza/Alert Pay account. You can transfer money from any online job and work accounts who support this Payza.

How will you transfer your money from Payza to you account?

11. This is very simple for you. At first, you have a need. So Click Upper My Payza Account Main Menu. Then Click Verification. and verify your Payza account by National ID card and Bank Statement.

12. Then Click again Upper My Payza Account Main Menu and click My bank account and set your local bank account with full details of this page. And set Always Please selects the type of action you would like to perform with your bank account.Bank transfer (for withdrawal only) and  Account Type Personal savings and your wish-able local bank account. then click Next or fill-out that's form and click I accept to add the bank account. So at now finish your all work of Payza account.

13. So, you send money to this account from your different Online worker's site and PTC site and others whose support Payza. If you want to withdraw money, Go to Withdraw fund Upper left site black box and click there. and select bank transfer. Because Bank wire charges more from Bank Transfer. Then set your account and click next and then fill-up for and click again I accept add my bank account..If you want to withdraw money debit card or credit card or Pay Prepaid card. there has this option.

14. You can send money to anthers Payza or Bank account. So Click Send Funds Upper Middlebox with Pen.Then follow that's hints and click Next and I accept ....

15. If you want money from those account by credit card click to Add Funds banner.And set your credit card information's on that's form. and follow their hints.

16. and you can take money from this account by Money Order and Check. So Click Add Funds and follow their hints.

If you want to save your account please log out every time and don't forget that's.

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