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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How Can You Earn Money By Toptal From Your Home

What is toptal?
Toptal is an American company that offers freelance software engineers and designers to companies who are seeking for freelance talent. Toptal hire freelancer to work on a project online. It hires the freelancer for different projects like web designers, javascript developers, android developers, iOS developers, and much more. Freelancers work on a project for top companies like ARTSY, Butcher Shop, KDDi, fusion lab, J.PMorgan and etc. That means, toptal is a largest and popular growing freelancing network, who gather most of  the talented, skilled and experienced freelance workers and designers in the world. Toptal hires talent freelancers from the around of world to build advanced and strong custom software and excellent design projects and show their self  about Toptal is very different from all.

How can you start work on toptal?
To start working on toptal firstly you have to visit their website and apply as a freelancer. Once you are done with this process you will have an interview where a person from Toptal will be asking you 3 questions and you must pass the at least 2 questions out of 3 in order to proceed for the next interview. The second interview will be over skype. Once you have passed the interview over skype you are all set to work on toptal.

What kind of job can you get on Toptal?
Toptal offers jobs and projects to software engineers and designers so basically you will be getting jobs related to this field. Freelancers get projects on developing. There are many different kinds.of developing jobs like Android developers java developer, Magneto developer, jQuery developers, software developers and so many other jobs. If you think you are the new worker in toptal or online market place and you have no any idea about the online job. And no skill and experience also. Then you can start your work with toptal by simple data entry and typing work, web research, keyword research, email research and an online survey. But if you want to earn big amount of money from toptal, you need to learn a strong work like web page design and development, graphics design, auto cad, 3D and 2D modeling, SEO etc.

How much can you earn on Toptal ?
Because toptal hires freelancers from all over the world, they have lots of flexibility on payments. The first time you can earn short rate payment but after completing some projects your rate will be increased day by day. This depends on your skill and experience.
  • Toptal pays its freelancers on hourly, part-time or full-time basis
  • Freelancer who work hourly is paid around $10-$95+ /hour 
  • Part-time workers are paid around $1000-$1600+/week
  • Full-time workers are paid around $2000-$3200+/week

 How can you withdraw money from Toptal ?
Toptal accepts all major credit cards, so freelancer can withdraw their money/payments through:
  • You can withdraw your earnings money from Credit Cards if you have.
  • Then you can transfer your local Bank account (with ABA Router )
  • Have another money transfer option in toptal like Bank wire
  • Very easy way to withdraw earnings money from toptal with PayPal 

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