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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How Can You Earn Money by Outsourcing From Your Home ?

What is Outsourcing?
Outsourcing is common among all sorts of people. Students, employed or unemployed people, Household women’s everyone wants to earn money from home. And many people are making good money online. But many people are also couldn’t earn money online because they don’t have enough knowledge and skill about outsourcing. Sometimes they got trapped by some fraudulent.

There is a lot of money on the internet and you can grab as much as you want. A good number of people become successful by doing the job online. Outsourcing has changed millions of life.

The first question is how to earn money from the internet?
There are many ways of earning online such as SEO, Affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Freelancing jobs, blogging with ads and much more. Freelancing is the most decent way of earning from the internet. There are a lot of freelance websites. Today I’m going to talk about Outsourcing.
You can select anyone decent Outsourcing site from those.

This is a way that if u got the skill you will definitely get success. If you can show and prove your talent and skill you will definitely get the job. Unlike another freelance site, you don’t have to find a job. They will give you jobs as you wanted. So let’s get started.

  • First you have completed the sign-up the process. It is very easy just give your actual information and verify your account by email. 
  • You have to select your skills. Select those skills you actually have.
  • Then you have to complete your profile give your picture and a good description about you, give all information wanted and skills select your hourly rate. 
  • They will verify your profile find your kind of job 
  • Complete your portfolio and give information about certifications, tests, education and other experiences for a better experience of their features.
  • Submit your payee information. 
  • Find work. Find the work that suits you most then bid on that work.
  • After confirming complete the job and submit it.
  • You will get the payment after submitting.

What kinds work you can get from Outsourcing?
There has some way to earn money from your house by online with Outsourcing. You can choose any kind of way which suitable with your skill.

1. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing sell product of other companies. They will give you an amount of commission from their selling with your referral link. If you increase your selling then you can earn more earning. And also remember “no selling no earning”. You have needed an own website for affiliate marketing.

2. Sell photos: You can earn money by selling your own photo which captures you by your own camera or collected from someone. But photos must look beautiful with HD quality. 

3. Blogging: Blogging means you can create a website with popularity. Then always post with the unique article on your blog. And increase your visitors to your website from your website keyword and online. Then you can apply for ads sense. There have lots of ads Sense Company in online. You can create a publisher account from those companies' website. Google ad sense is the best from them.

4. Survey:  Survey means collecting any data or information to others. As like personal and institutional. There have some buyers will give you that work from online job marketplace.

5. PTC: PTC means you will view ads from another website and they will pay you for every view.

6. PPD: PPD mean pay per download. That means you will upload any document to their website. And when people download the documents from their link then you get paid for every download.

7. YouTube: You can earn money by youtube. First, you need to create a YouTube channel then upload videos on youtube from your channel. Then monetize your channel with connecting Google ad sense account. When viewers will view you any video from your channel, then you get paid for every view.   

8. Article writing: you can earn money by article writing. You can found lots of websites giving money for writing an article for theirs. You can earn about $1-$50 for per article with 500 words. And   $5-$200 article with 1000 words. And have more change for more earning for article writing.

9. Social Media : You can earn money by social media like Facebook, twitter, google plus, Instagram, Pinterest and others social media site. There have lots company will pay you for like, comment and share their post on their social media accounts.

10. Design and Creativity: You can earn lots of money from your creativity skill. As like logo design, website design and banner design etc. You can get this type of job from the online job site. You can earn $5-$2000 for per project.

There have lots of way for earn money from a stay at the home by online. Just you need to passion for work and skill. And you can start from today.

“All the Best”___Great-Man

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