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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Easy Way to Earn Unlimited Money by Up Work From Your Home Via Online

What is Upwork ?
Upwork is one of the best worldwide outsourcing platforms where organizations and individuals interact and team up remotely. There are twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients in Upwork. In a year, more than two million jobs are being posted on this platform where people can earn around $1.5 billion USD from two million jobs. So we can say that it is the largest freelance marketplace in the world.

How can you work in Upwork ?
In this platform, any clients are allowed to take an interview of a freelancer, hire a freelancer and also work with different freelancers. Both client and freelancer have to open a free account in Upwork and complete their personal profile in order to work as a freelancer or hire a freelancer from this platform. A new service has been added on this platform which is real-time chat platform, it will reduce the time to search and hire a freelancer. Recently, there was an announcement from Upwork that they will change the service fee for the freelancers which will be 5% to 20% from the flat rate of 10%. There are different clients who all pays a different processing fee for different jobs and freelancers, some clients pay the processing fee of 3.5% per payment and some clients pay the flat processing fee of $25 per month. There are different ways how payments are being done in the Up work, it can be made by using PayPal, Credit cards, and bank transfer. They have an extraordinary reputation and a greater commercial center.

In Upwork, there are two sorts of job, fixed price job, and hourly job. In fixed price job, buyers will the freelancers and will pay after completing the full task and it fixed price job may take a lot of time to complete the work. In an hourly job, freelancers will be paid by the client on per hour basis. In order to do this type of jobs, all the freelancers need download oDesk team application software and install it on the computer. This particular software has to be logged in by the freelancers while doing this type of jobs for the clients. This software will take a screen shot of the desktop every 10 minutes which will keep the record of activity. In this process, clients will be able to track the work progress of the freelancers.

what kinds of work for me in Upwork ?
In Upwork, there is more competition among the freelancers compare to another outsourcing platform in this world. Basic knowledge is required and freelancers should know something about the jobs which he/she is applying in the Upwork and most important thing is that freelancers should be specific about the work because clients check the profile before hiring that whether freelancers are quite specific about their work. There are different types jobs for which freelancers can be hired, for example, Article and blog writing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, business, administrative support, graphic design, creative work, app development, database maintenance and etc. Freelancers must have few skills regarding the job for which he/she is applying and all freelancers who all will join in the Up work, they need to clear few skills test while completing their personal profile because they will be benefited while applying for the jobs. The organization gives willful abilities tests in different controls from English attitudes to particular programming aptitudes, and profiles incorporate an input component.

Payment Way:
Upwork will offer a timesheet application which will track the time and take the screenshots while the freelancer is getting paid by the clients. This will ensure that all the freelancers are billing properly for the jobs.

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